Green leafy Salad with Tahini cheese sauce

Preparation time
15 mins
Cooking time
5 mins
2 people
Meal course
Posted on
1/2 bunch
1/2 bunch
1/2 no.
1/2 no.
2 tspn
Cucumber seeds
2 tspn
Pine nuts
3 tspn
White sesame seeds
2 1/2 tspn
1 tblspn
Lemon juice
4 tspn
Olive oil
3/4 cup
2 no.
Garlic cloves
1 tspn
Pepper powder
1/2 no.
Cheese slice
1/2 tspn
Cumin powder
Green leafy Salad with Tahini cheese sauce

Leafy salad with some green vegetables is always refreshing to start a day,end a day or for a quick snack. This is one quick recipe with almost no cooking and loaded with healthy ingredients. Tahini cheese sauce gives the salad a creamy dressing you would want to relish. Of course this salad is for those who can handle raw leafy flavours. It can very well be part of healthy diet regime.


Tahini cheese sauce:

  1. Dry roast 2-3 tspn of white sesame seeds till it is slightly browned and get a nutty flavour.
  2. Add it to the blender and grind till it becomes crumbly.
  3. Crush 2 garlic cloves,1/4 cheddar cheese slice and add to it.
  4. Add few spoons(3-4 tspn) of olive/vegetable oil little by little and grind again to a smooth paste.
  5. Bit of water (2-3 tspn) can be added to make a creamy sauce.
  6. I added pepper powder and pinch of cumin powder,salt for taste at the end.
  7. You can also add fresh herbs on top.


  1. Take 3 to 4 stems of Kale and remove the curly leaves alone.
  2. Wash thoroughly,chop and sprinkle salt and lime juice on it. Massage the leaves nicely and set aside. This is to reduce bitterness.
  3.  Wash a bunch of lettuce leaves and chop them roughly.
  4. Chop 1/2 zucchini and 1/2 cucumber and add to the salad.
  5. Mix them well, sprinkle salt,olive oil as per taste.
  6. Quickly toss pine nuts and cucumber seeds for 2 min and add to the salad for crunchy texture.
  7. Finally pour generous amount of tahini sauce and enjoy the salad.

Serve the salad at room temperature or cold. This serves two for a snack and one person for fulfilling dinner or breakfast.


  1. Instead of Kale, you can also add types of lettuce,spring onions,leek,parsley,rocket leaves or similar greens.
  2. Instead of pine nuts and cucumber seeds, you can use other nuts like pumpkin seeds,melon seeds,sunflower seeds or walnuts.

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